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We will create not only the step-by-step process of building a successful business, but we will also make sure that you create the freedom to live your life, maintain your flow, and travel to places unknown. Start listening for your next level life, biz and bank account.

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Hey I'm alicia...

…a dog mom, national champion, All-American, Pro-Card holder, network marketing pro, health expert… who has turned my passion for doing, experiencing, growing and smashing goals into an online business where I teach my clients to do that and more.  

I’m currently the “She” in She’s Doing Big Things, and I’m building a tribe of women who want to envelop the term as well. It seems that I have spent the majority of my life doing things a little differently, and I bet, since you’re here, you have too.

So, here I am, inviting you to take this wild ride with me as I turn everything I’ve learned from the 600k in MLM to multiple top sales rep accolades; and I make it my life’s mission to help YOU create the business of your dreams from start up to scale up…ALL while creating freedom of mind and time with systematic plans, and step-by-step processes to keep in flowy and financially fruitful.

For the woman who dreams big, to the woman who feels too small, I’m here with my pint-sized stature and giant-sized belief to show you that success comes in ALL sizes, and you are just the right fit. In all of my years of doing big things, I’ve never seen a time like this, with opportunities this huge to create something enormous. So, here we are at the very edge of the next big thing that you don’t want to miss. Come along with me as I travel the world with the man of my dreams, my 2 fur babies and create impactful incomes with every aspiring boss that joins me.

Let’s see what kind of ground we can shake and money we can make as we create the FREE SHE-E-O revolution and the next BIG thing. Are you the next “She?”

Krista Browning
Krista BrowningMarketing Consultant
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I want to thank Alicia…again. Working with her was exactly what I needed without even knowing how badly I would need it. I lost my job recently, but as a result of her coaching, I decided to go BIG! Coaching with Alicia gave me the legs I needed to be able to stand on my own two feet and make a go of my dreams without feeling sad, withdrawn or even upset about losing my previous position. I partnered with a colleague who is strong in the areas of marketing where I am weaker, and I’m strong where she is weak. We compliment each other so well! We have combined powers, figured out what our sell is, who our audience is and what services we want to provide. We received our LLC, our EIN and we have the partnership paperwork all drawn up. Everything seems to be coming together. I am so thankful Alicia was there to push me and is still there as I push into the unknown. She gave me the safety net I didn’t even know I would need. I'm so excited for what the future holds. This Is Happening. FREEDOM
Becca Pike
Becca PikeOwner Hell Yes Coaching
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I hired Alicia as my life & business coach a 5 months ago and signed up to be coached once per week. I own a massage company and wanted to grow a life coaching business as well. Alicia has held my hand through every step of it! She is an amazing accountability partner who shows up energetically each week and shows me the next steps to take in order to grow my businesses properly. She has a fantastic way of asking just the right questions in order to shift my mentality in a way that best serves me and my creative process. As a result of coaching, I have gone from zero to 8k months in my own coaching business and I'm on track to have my first 10k month and create my first mastermind. Not only has she helped me create, grow and level up a coaching business, but my massage studio is thriving as well, totall solidifying the financial FREEDOM I wanted. Whether you're looking for a mindset shift or more "tactical" help like launching a website, a podcast, a blog, etc- Alicia knows it all! I give her 5 stars all the way across the board! Highly recommend.

What you offer is as important as who you offer it to, and I KNOW you feel the pressure of that. So, lets take some of the guess work out of pricing and categorizing your client offers. Meeting your clients where they’re at both in finances and needs is how you attract ALL of the clients you want to work with. Let’s create offers for all levels that actually sell to your clients.

If you haven’t heard, the riches are in the niches. If you’re just starting out, this can feel like an overwhelming task to hone in on who you want to serve.  This STEP-by-STEP workbook will help you find the niche that is. right  for YOU, so you can start  attracting the RIGHT clients and customers into your business immediately. No more niche dreams and money in your pocket.

Content is one of the ways we attract our dream clients. So, how you create it and what you say in it… matters. Speaking directly to the woman YOU want to help, serve and attract starts here. The content curation station gives you ideas for you live’s, posts, blogs, and emails all in one organized place. Keep it simple and sell with ease with this freebie, click the link below.

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So you wanna make bank in your biz?

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