Hi, I’m Alicia

But my clients know me as Alicia Leigh. I’m so glad you’re here!

I am a coach, but more than that… I’m an avid dreamer, a travel junkie, a massive doer, a full time entrepreneur, and a freedom advocate 

I believe less in counting the minutes and hours and more in making the minutes and hours count. There’s no cubical or hospital that could house the dreams I have for my business or my clients, so I broke free. There were no set hours that made sense for me to schedule freedom, so I left. 

With debt, a small financial cushion, and a desire to do more and go bigger… I left the comforts of the known and secure to create a bigger impact.  I left the j-o-b behind to go full time in the entrepreneurial world and also travel the world with my amazing sweetheart and our two furry babies. 

Now, that may like a far off destination, an unfathomable goal, but I’ll tell you why and how its closer than you think. Step inside, let me tell you a little story about your future; about the life where clients sign up and cash flows. About the life where experiences are abundant, and the confidence in the next step is in big bold letters. Let’s put some real numbers, realistic timelines, and manageable actions plans to your ventures, ideas and business plans.

You see, I’m no different than you. I’m just a woman who decided to go for it. I trusted that the process would unfold and as it did, I wrote it down, I saved it,  and I tested it…for YOU. Now, it’s your turn. To do it faster, easier, and with greater flow.

We are women… hear us roar…. and build badass businesses while we are at it.

It's all in good Fun...but we also get down to business when necessary, trust me.

Alicia’s 3 pillar system of community, coaching and courses give you the leverage you want and the flexibility you need while holding you accountable to what you deserve.  YOUR own business. 

Alicia’s background in Science, Health, Fitness, and Psychology enable her to give an internal biohacking response to the human brain and marketing to such. Her intuitive nature, paired with her extensive background in sales and marketing have enabled her to make well over 1 million in the sales and service industry. Pair it all together, and you have a unique combination of intelligence and ingenuity.

 No 2 businesses are the same, and having seen so many, built so many, and having been successful in ALL, Alicia is prepared to take on the uniqueness of yours and to create a manageable plan put together especially for YOU. Let’s get doing. Your business awaits.

Let's do the dang thang!

I KNOW you have a list of items that would make you feel ALIVE.

What is your current plan to execute these? How are you going to check these off?

I know that mine require more time and sometimes, more money. So, as it is my goal to create the resources to finish my list, it is also my goal to help YOU to check off every item on yours. 

Lets create a business…

But bigger than that, let’s create a Live List.

Because in my world, and in this squad, we get to have it all AND do it all without sacrificing it all.

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